Preserving the Peace

We appreciate that 99% of our guests understand, expect and appreciate the peace and tranquillity of our property and we see it as our duty to our guests and to our environment, to preserve that ethos.

On very rare occasions it has become necessary to remind some guests that this ethos is for their enjoyment of the facilities as well and that we will not tolerate any loud behaviour, music or any other disturbance which would encroach on the enjoyment of our peaceful setting by any of our guests.

Noisy or loud behaviour of any kind which might disturb anyone else on site will not be tolerated at any time, especially after 22.30. If any other guest or staff member is so disturbed, the party causing the disturbance or who made the booking will be penalised to the extent needed to compensate any other guest or staff member so disturbed and compensated.

Any damage caused to the property or to any furniture, linen or equipment onsite will be charged for.

We reserve the right to ask any transgressors from the property, without refund of any sums tendered or incurred.