Camp fires

Camp fires are an integral element of the camping experience and we love to see a good campfire and sing song happening on site. However, please note that campfires are permitted in the designated campfire spots ONLY. Anyone found to be burning campfires anywhere else on the site will be asked to leave immediately.

Use of Designated Camp Fire Spots

There are 2 designated campfire spots on site - one in the Mill House Garden and one on the Upper Level. Campfires have been erected for the enjoyment of all our guests and must be left as found. All rubbish, bottles and other disposables must be cleared away after each use.


Logs for the campfire are available for purchase at reception.

Campfire Curfew

The Campfires are in close proximity to tents and other accommodation units. We therefore implement a strict campfire curfew of 11pm and we ask all our guests to respect this curfew. A failure or refusal to do so may result in those individuals being asked to leave the site.