Cancellation Policy

Our normal, off-season, cancellation policy is that we require 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee of one night's tariff being applied. The exception is in July, August and at all busy weekends such as national/festive holidays (see list below), when you will normally be required to pay for what you have booked.

However, if we can fill any accommodation you wish to cancel, then there will be no charge to you for those days/rooms. If we cannot fill all the accommodation you booked you will be charged only for what we have lost as a result of your cancellation.

Please contact us if something unforeseen arises. We will do our utmost to facilitate you and/or help you avoid any cancellation charges, if at all possible.

The following are the Bank/Public Holiday and Festive dates, for which dates/weekends a cancellations or 'No Shows' may incur a 2/3 day penalty.

  • Easter
  • Spring Bank Holiday (RoI)  
  • June Bank Holiday weekend
  • All of July and August
  • Dunfanaghy Jazz and Blues weekend
  • Halloween weekend.


Check In Time

Between 16.00 and 20.00, unless by prior arrangement.


Closed for Winter

 17 Oct '17 to 28 Mar '18


Preserving the Peace

We appreciate that 99% of our guests understand, expect and appreciate the peace and tranquillity of our property and we see it as our duty to our guests and to our environment, to preserve that ethos. On very rare occasions it has become necessary to remind some guests that this ethos is for their enjoyment of the facilities as well and that we will not tolerate any loud behaviour, music or any other disturbance which would encroach on the enjoyment of our peaceful setting by any of our guests.

Noisy or loud behaviour of any kind which might disturb anyone else on site will not be tolerated at any time, especially after 2300. If any other guest or staff member is so disturbed, the party causing the disturbance or who made the booking will be penalised to the extent needed to compensate any other guest or staff member so disturbed and compensated.

Any damage caused to the property or to any furniture, linen or equipment onsite must be paid for before the perpetrator is allowed to leave the property.

We reserve the right to eject any transgressors from the property, without refund of any sums tendered or incurred.

Amendment added 22 Aug 2017.                                                                                

STAG PARTIES are no longer welcome here as, despite assurances of civility or deposits taken, they have recently ignored our Terms and Conditions; the whole ethos of the service we provide or the comfort and enjoyment of the peace and tranquillity of the property by our ordinary guests. In fact, they have become such an embarrassment to the good name of the nation, I see it as my duty to do all I can to shield our international guests from the all-to-frequent, abusive and drunken behaviour of such people.  


Group Bookings

Groups of more than four adults will be required to lodge a €500 deposit, upon booking and pay for all accommodation booked, upon arrival. In the event that there is no disturbance (or other act which in the opinion of the owner/Manager, impinges on the peace of the property or its enjoyment by our other guests) then the deposit will be refunded in full to the Credit Card from which it was deducted or any other card at the request of the group organiser.



We have some very nice features on the property such as the old Mill building and the Mill Stream but because of the nature of these features it is imperative that guests exercise great care and strict supervision over their children at all times.

Children are not allowed to enter or in any way interfere with either of these features. This is not a challenge to the courageous but a warning to the foolhardy!


Car Parking

We have sufficient car parking for all our guests, and we have not had an incident or theft since we began the business in 1990. However, in accordance with our Insurance Company's instructions, we are obliged to point out that we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to guest's vehicles or any items left on board.



We have a beautiful, friendly, female Weimeraner, called Danu. She loves people and is very popular with our guests but ... she is a sneaky food thief, so campers and motorhome guests are warned not leave perishable items in their tents or otherwise 'available' or they risk theft of food and damage to the tent and worse still ...we will end the season with an overweight doggie!

We also have hens and a couple of geese, which are also loved by our guests and by Danu. If your doggie eats our hens or scares our geese, our doggie will eat your doggie!

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to ask for clarification on any of the above by contacting us.

Above all enjoy your stay!